Our Building Blocks

The OR is designed and built around four core values that we call our “Building Blocks”. We use these values to guide all that we do, including our strategic direction and our day to day decision making so we can create a happy and harmonious environment where like-minded people connect.

We’ve chosen to share them with you so you understand the spirit of the company and who we genuinely are.

Work Smart

Time is money. Less time worrying about who’s locking up the office or cleaning the floor means more time spent on organising, problem solving and actively growing your business. You take care of your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

Share Ideas

Escape the day-to-day and have fun at our educational events, social mixers and member to member exchange platforms while you build your network, share meaningful ideas, get sincere feedback and learn from peers.

Build Community

In business, relationships matter and being part of a future-focused, free thinking, dynamic community gives you the genuine possibility to meet new people, create new relationships, experiment with new ideas and advance your business.

Flexible By Design

From multiple locations being on the horizon, different office sizes and different types of membership plans, down to services we offer, the furniture we choose, we are built for value and convenience.